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robinhood10199 asked:

I have a question about Dean's new hair. So I know how Dean's normal hairstyle looks (we saw it for 9 seasons xD) and in the Season 10 promo trailer it looks way more poofy, almost swept to the side? I don't know I'm not a hair expert or whatever. I want to know exactly how different his new hairstyle is from his old one.



okay, so throughout the past 9 seasons, dean has actually had what i like to call a “military haircut”

…basically because that’s EXACTLY what it is. it’s shorter along the sides, longer at the top. albeit a bit long to meet actual regulations i believe, but dean’s hair has always been about 1 1/2-2” long at MOST. it’s generally done like this, or almost the same length throughout. but you always see dean spike it up, even when he’s in the shower because he’s a nerd and it’s who he is

but now, we have demon dean, who DOES NOT care to meet up with his past expectations for himself, because he no longer cares. but his hair! ohhh, his hair:

it is SO MUCH longer than usual (2”-3” throughout), even extending out to the sides. it’s no longer spiked and almost freer in this sense. he parts it on the left side side, and it’s no longer a borderline-regulated haircut.

we can also see here the sides a bit better:

i think that this is a HELLA COOL haircut for him to have, and so awesome to see after all these years. WANNA JUST [MAKES HAND RUFFLING MOTIONS]


Thomas could see several clumsily prepared wooden crosses poking through this growth, their horizontal pieces lashed to the upright ones with a splintery twine. The grave markers had been painted white, but by someone in a obvious hurry - gelled globs covered them and bare streaks of wood showed through. Names had been carved into the wood. - The Maze Runner


Anonymous asked:

I personally don't hate Nash Grier because he's a homophobe. I disagree with his opinion, but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Just because someone has a different opinion, doesn't mean it's the wrong one, nor does it mean they're a bad person. Do i strongly disagree with Nash Grier's opinion? yes of course! But I don't think his opinion is wrong just because it's different then mine.


    Worldwide: UNAIDS estimates that as of December 2000, there were an estimated 36.1 million people living with HIV/AIDS (34.7 million adults and 1.4 million children under 15). Since the epidemic began, an estimated 21.8 million people have died of AIDS (17.5 million adults and 4.3 million children under 15).  

    Between his first account and his second he has 10.7 million followers that makes about 3 million ( I rounded down ) of his followers HIV positive. Spreading false information about a disease that affects, and has affected more than 57.8 million people is cruel. I am aware that he is only 16, though there are plenty of people younger than him that see that what he is doing isn’t right. 

    Technically he did ‘apologize’ for that vine and he has taken it down from his channel. But he apologized like a douche bag. And he is still making passive aggressive comments on his tumblr about how everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So getting angry at the people who have called him out on his bullshit isn’t going to make anyone feel better. 

    Nash is also racist. A lot of his vines feature degrading comments to POC. To be honest I used to watch his vines, I’ve seen a lot of his older vines. A lot of them are decent and like all other vines. But once every few weeks he’ll make a vine that is rude. 

   I agree that having a different opinion doesn’t make their opinion wrong or bad, but in this case it does. He has just been an all around huge dickbag and I don’t think that he is a good person.






#can we just stop and appreciate Harry’s face in this scene? #I mean, he’s literally waiting for someone to say something about Hermione’s blood status #she’s the only Muggleborn in the slug club full of purebloods and well known people #and Harry’s there just like “say something I dare you” #and if you look at her face, you can see the actual hesitation and somewhat fear of what will happen next after telling of her parents occupation #Harry truly is acting like Hermione’s big brother, which I absolutely love #i just adore this scene

I love that Neville looks genuinely interested in what hermione’s talking about.

Harry: I wish a motherfucka would talk shit right now
Say something, make my day
Das right

Nevile looks like he’s just made a private mental note in flaming red ink: WHATEVER THE HELL A DENTIST IS, DON’T MESS WITH ONE. 


Including tags because oh my fucking god.

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one time i had a crush on a boy and he knew but he didnt like me back so on april fools he asked me out as a joke and i said yes but then he said april fools so i punched him in the face

please do not tell me i was wrong for punching him. i had very deep feelings for him. he knew that i did and he took advantage of that to humiliate me. i had every right to knock his sorry fucking teeth out

Proper measures were taken and I encourage everyone to follow this example

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